About Us

We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry; throughout this time, we have built a wide variety of housing, commercial, tourism, urban construction, planning and interior design projects. Our main objective focuses on providing each of our clients with complete advice starting from the conception to the completion of their projects.

DBIO is integrated by a team of professionals trained and committed to provide comprehensive quality solutions to each of our customer’s needs and demands.

Our Team

Antonio Marvez - Founder / Director

Gabriela Zuñiga - Financial Manager

Argerie Zúñiga - Administrative Assistant

Arch. Julio Núñez - Architecture Director

Arch. Anastasia Del Valle - Architect

Arch. Mariela Valverde - Construction Plans Coordinator

Engr. Paulo Núñez - Engineering Director

Engr. Fernando Apuy - Project Director

Gabriel Herrera - Architecture Assistant

Jonathan Martínez - Sales Advisor

Brigitte Zúniga - Sales Advisor

Mauricio Henry - Draftsman